Fayez Alameddine is a radiologist, photographer, movie critic, and world traveller Fayez loves math, rollerblading, scuba diving, and abseiling.
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Fayez Alameddine has many passions including photography, squash, watersports, world travel, writing, and the outdoors
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Fayez Alameddine the movie reviewer: Fayez is a serious movie buff and regularly contributes movies reviews to various online and offline publications
 Fayez Alameddine the world traveler:Fayez spent more than 1000 days traveling the world and has visited all seven continents, more than eighty countries and more than 200 cities.
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Fayez was interviewed by the Louisville Courrier newspaper and the interview was on the front page.  Fayez original website was awarded full page coverage by the Net magazine and awarded best site of the month.
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