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Radiologists are medical specialists that have chosen radiology as a career and accordingly enjoy a myriad of benefits both with respect to what they do on a day to day basis and the lifestyle they enjoy. Being a radiologist must be the coolest medical specialty to get into and a wonderful job in all that it encompasses.

Radiologists are not restricted to one body organ or one modality. Quite the contrary. Radiologists have the unique privilege of contributing to the medical care of patients in all fields. A radiologist uses many modalities and technologies in his work including x-ray, MRI, ultrasound, mammograms, and cat scans. Radiologists also perform lots of procedures and Interventional Radiology is the 21st century version of cutting edge minimally invasive surgery that manages to do what was next to impossible in the not so distant past.

A typical day for a radiologist is quite varied. They may examine the chest xray of someone with shortness of breath, study spine xrays and ct scans to look for evidence of injury following a motor vehicle accident, review the MRI of someone's back to check for any disc disease, open up a clogged artery or vein through an interventional radiology procedure, thoroughly go over a ct scan of someone's abdomen looking for any liver, pancreas, bowel, or splenic injury, or ultrasound a pregnant woman and confirm the wellbeing of the fetus.

To become a diagnostic radiologist, one must first have excellent high school grades to get into a great college and get a bachelor degree after 4 years. Those that graduate at the top of their class, sit for the nationally standardized medical school admission exam and the ones that score very high here end up making it into an accredited 4 year medical school program. Those that excel in medical school have a chance of getting into a trustworthy diagnostic radiology residency, a 5 year program that has each radiologist in the making rotate through various departments and get hands on experience with the different modalities.

Radiology is extremely difficult to get into and so one must have a stellar performance in high school, college, and medical school. It is estimated that there are hundreds of medical student applicants for each available radiology spot in accredited radiology programs in the US.

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